The benefits of simple stretching exercises

It is common knowledge that before you do exercise or practice your sports like volleyball, basketball or running you need to do first stretching exercise. Many coaches guide their athletes in this but in other sports or when you will just do exercise yourself you have to do it yourself. Anyway it is not complicated exercise and no guidance is needed. It is a form of warm up that will awaken and let your muscles start to work. It helps to reduce the possibility of accidents or injuries.

When stretching is defined it says that it is a kind of physical exercise that targets a particular muscle to be stretched or flexed. It is done for the purpose of improving the elasticity of the muscle and will be able to accept functions that it must do. It will then give you the benefits of muscle flexibility, control and a range of motion as it also increase the flow of blood into the muscle. Stretching is also recommended after waking up as when you sleep the muscles in your body loses tone and also the fluids are drawn or gathered in your back part.

When you do stretching the fluids will slide back to their position. When you exercise how long should you hold a position when you do stretching? The answer is 20-30 seconds. When you release you can repeat it for 2-3 times. If you hold it for less than 20-30 seconds it will not make a significant effect on your muscles. This webpage has more helpful articles you can read on.