What makes you Beautiful and Young?

What makes you beautiful and young? Do you think your make-up makes you young and healthy? This is not always the case. How come? Make-up actually make us older than our natural face. But we become more beautiful when we use make-up  beecaus eblemishes and imperfections of the face are hidden. However, our faces become unhealthy due to the reaction of chemicals that we put on. This is why we have to look for other ways that would make us beautiful even without too much us of make-up.

Smile- Smile is a great contributor to your beauty. Believe that when you smile often, you become beautiful and even look younger. When we do not smile, wrinkles are formed on your face that makes you look older. Your smile will make you bright always.

Hair- Hair is a woman’s glory, some women look older when their hair is long and some look younger when their hair is long. So have an appropriate hairstyle that would make you look younger.

Dressing style- Consider your dressing style. Your dressing style would either make you beautiful and blooming or older and troubled.

Pimple free and blemish free- Although you do not wear make-up, if you take care of your face so that you will not get pimples and blemishes, you will look all right.

Always carry your dignity-When you bear your dignity wherever you go and wherever you stay, you can create a charm for yourself.

Posture- Stand and sit straight. When you walk also, walk like a model.