The Impact of an Outward Beauty

There are two kinds of beauty: Inwardly and outwardly. Which is more important between these two? It is up to you to judge which one counts. There are many expressions about beautiful people. It is true many people stir their insecurities when they try to compare themselves with other people they meet in their daily lives. This is a common notion for women. However, insecurity does not only apply to women but also to men.

Why is it a big deal to become beautiful outwardly? Is it really important?

  • They believe that most of beautiful people have confidence in themselves than those who believe that they are not beautiful. A person who is confident in herself tend to pass by a crowd with boldness and confidence since she knows that many eyes are focused on her. It is true that beauty is catchy.
  • It is normal for some people to favour a person who has good looks in pageants, and some employers consider looks.
  • For opposite-sex relationship, those who have good-looking partners are proud of themselves.

  • Sometimes, beauty can attract more friends. We can not deny that there are few people who want to be with beautiful women and men.

Actually, we have to know that we are beautiful in different ways. There is beauty in us that we already possess. It’s just that we focus on others beauty  and  not on ourselves. We are not confident in how we are created this is why we could not accept that we are all beautifully created. What about considering personality?