Make-up Your Face Naturally

1. Moisturize face

Before you put anything on your face, you should use a base first that would help your make-up look good and natural. Choose the best moisturizer for you. Any product can do as long you like it. It must also project a good effect on your face. Moisturizer is always necessary for your make-up especially when you have a dry face

2. Use concealer

The reason why you use concealer is hide blemishes on your face. Putting make-up is not good when blemishes and imperfections are seen on your face. When you put concealer, your will look flawless. There are concealers that can not really conceal so use high quality ones. But if your face is naturally flawless and perfect, then you do not need to use concealer.

3. Use liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is good for you. If your neck is brown, do not use the foundation that would make your face become very white. Otherwise, it will look unnatural. Or if you like it, use light foundation.

4. Use Powder

Use powder in order to remove the sticky feeling. It will help your face looks dry and perfect. Use brush or sponge to spread the powder evenly.

5. Use Eye- Shadows

The eye-shadows should be bright colors, like pink and blue since we are talking about natural make-up. It must be colors just a little darker than your skin like brown. Do not use too dark colors also because your make-up will become unnatural.

6. Use Pale Lipstick

The lipstick that you use should not be the dark colored. Light pink and light red can do. It should blend on your natural lip color also.

If you want your eyes to be emphasized a little, then place a thin layer of mascara but not to put eyeliner.